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Corporate events

What exactly do we mean by corporate events? A high-impact communication tool that consists of transmitting a message, by organising a memorable event for a given target in a one-off and fleeting manner. As much for public relations as for internal communication, it meets several objectives: developing renown and a good image, launching a product, communicating a strategy, recruiting prospects or new employees, reinforcing team cohesion, etc. Different types of events exist, such as seminars, team building, conferences, study days, trade fairs... always working for interpersonal relationships and exchange.
When you think about organising a corporate event, you think about the location, which has a central place in the success of this type of communication. With their experience, the Stade de France teams are experts in running events in Paris and offer a broad range of offers, going from study days to major seminars. Discover the expertise of the Stade de France events team in blog posts, where it showcases its effective and creative solutions to make your corporate event a success.

Corporate events
Wednesday 26 January 2022

Stade de France is ready to host e-sport and gaming events

Le Stade de France a fait le pari de l’esport depuis 2019 en accueillant la Team Vitality et ne compte pas s’arrêter là. Profitez de la notoriété et des infrastructures modulables du plus grand stade de France pour organiser votre futur événement espor
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Corporate events
Tuesday 21 April 2020

One-day seminar: how to make your event a success

Un projet important en vue ? Mobilisez votre équipe en organisant une journée d’étude ! Pour une réunion de travail efficace, constructive et fédératrice, il vous suffira de suivre nos conseils !
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Corporate events
Thursday 20 December 2018

Organising a company seminar… Yes, but for what purpose?

Un événement d’entreprise, ce sont des invités mobilisés, de l’argent investi, du temps dépensé… À travers cet article, vous verrez que cet investissement n’est pas vain. Un séminaire d’entreprise répond en effet à des objectifs définis et contribue au
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Corporate events
Monday 9 October 2017

Organising your seminar in 10 key steps

La pièce maîtresse de tout événement (séminaire, convention, journée d’étude ou de formation, team building, salon, …) est l’organisation. Voici les 10 conseils essentiels pour faire de votre événement un succès
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Articles to better understand corporate events

Do you want to jump into the deep end of organising an event, but don’t know how or where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place! By following the 10 essential tips for making your corporate event a success, Stade de France invites you to ask yourself the right questions to lay the foundations for its organisation; from objectives to messages, including the type of audience to be invited.
Once the central theme has been created and the specifications drawn up, logistics come into play with the sometimes-tedious search for the location. On this subject, Stade de France will help you to find the location that is tailored to your audience, your objectives, the number of participants and the format of your event... you will find all the decision-making criteria in the article, “Meeting room location in Paris, how should I choose?”.
Other specific topics are also discussed, such as the accessibility of an event location, a successful corporate evening or the organisation of an event in the post-Covid context.

Concrete examples to illustrate corporate events

When you read about these specific examples, you will discover the endless possibilities of events. The corporate event can be serious and studious, as well as fun and relaxed. Do you know about the Event Day, for example? It is a format offered by Stade de France that responds to the needs and values of companies wanting to combine work and conviviality, in the interests of team spirit. What could be better than ending a working day by sharing an exceptional moment with colleagues during a sports match or a concert? By discovering the event activities at Stade de France, you will see that there is a very wide range of choices on offer that will meet your specific communication message goals. If only for team building workshops, a very wide range of activities can be offered: “Team building in Paris, what activity should you choose for your event?”
The strengths of Stade de France are in the heart of the arena, because your corporate event takes place in a unique environment where work and relaxation blend harmoniously to let your employees or partners live an experience that creates unique links and is meaningful. The feedback from our customers proves it, as do the figures! At Stade de France, up to 120 corporate events per year are organised, with renowned experience in working for companies. So, you too, push open the doors of Stade de France and contact our teams who will advise you according to your objectives and needs.

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