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Wednesday 26 January 2022

Stade de France is ready to host e-sport and gaming events

E-sport: a winning bet for Stade de France

A real social phenomenon, e-sport is far from being a niche or just a flash in the pan! It has remarkable growth potential and is a booming economic sector that already concerns more than nine million players or consumers in France.
The Secretary of State for Digital and the Ministry of Sports aim to make France the European leader of the sector.

Stade de France has been betting on e-sport since 2019 by hosting the training centre of Team Vitality, the French leader and one of the very first European professional clubs. It doesn’t intend to stop there! For the largest French arena, e-sport represents an essential strategic development. With the top international sporting events and major concerts, e-sport is becoming a natural entertainment pillar and is demonstrating its ability to fill the largest venues. The national stadium must meet this new demand, in all its diversity, and allow France to continue to host the world's biggest events.

Jean Baptiste Goxe, head of programming at Stade de France, emphasises that "today, Stade de France wants to add a new pillar after football, rugby and concerts: e-sport and gaming events, and in general everything related to e-sport. It's an environment that is moving very fast and it's our ambition to become the leading e-sport stadium in France".

Team Vitality: the main French e-sport team and the first resident club at Stade de France

Team Vitality is currently made up of four franchises, around forty players and a hundred or so employees.

For the past two years, its training centre has been located at Stade de France.
Thanks to its excellent competition performances, a rapidly growing audience and a professional structure, Vitality has established itself as the leading French e-sport club and one of the top ones in Europe. The team benefits from Stade de France's brand image and also from its infrastructure, which has been optimised to meet the needs of the club and its players.

Like team Vitality, bring your e-sport or gaming event to the mythical Stade de France!

Your future e-sport event at Stade de France

Whether it's for a major e-sport competition, influencer activities, the activation of a partnership, a stream, a gaming programme or even a bootcamp... all the infrastructure you need is there, in the heart of this mythical arena, for organising your e-sport event. You can even combine all these formats for an XXL event!

A multimodal studio, multifunctional rooms from 200 to 2,000 m2, an auditorium with more than 300 seats, the whole arena or part of it, etc.
Stade de France can be configured to meet your expectations and offer you the best of e-sport events!


Reputation, experience, flexibility, modernity, oversize


Organising your e-sport event at Stade de France means associating your brand, team, game, streamer... with the prestigious image of an iconic stadium, the French temple of sport and the city of Paris!

You will benefit from its unique experience in hosting events for over 20 years. Stade de France is the only stadium in the world to have hosted so many exceptional sporting events. It will soon host the Rugby World Cup France 2023 ) as well as the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris.

Choose the format of your event, from the most confidential to the most public, and the Stade de France teams will take care of the rest!

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