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Customer Loyalty
Thursday 29 March 2018

6 key steps to ensure the loyalty of your customers

By their nature, sales and marketing teams are generally focussed on winning new customers. But is this really the only area of work to consider to increase your company’s turnover? The question deserves to be asked.
In many sectors of activity, and in the face of constantly increasing competitive pressure, the potential for growth is limited. A situation of even greater concern on the BtoB markets where the number of "large" customers, the 20% which represent 80% of your activity, are rare.

In the face of this finding, what should you do? Increase the resources of your business allocated to the recruitment of new prospects or make your existing customers the ambassadors of your company? One does not go without the other. If you do not ensure their loyalty, you will have an increased and continuing need to recruit new prospects. Customer loyalty is therefore a necessity for businesses, which can also be an excellent financial transaction. It is estimated that the recruitment of a new customer costs 4 to 10 times more than retaining an existing customer. All the more as a loyal customer has, in general, a much larger average basket than a new prospect.


Your guide to the 6 stages of ensuring customer loyalty


This white paper will also address:

- How can you switch from transactional marketing to relational marketing?

- What are the different levels of relationship between a company and its customer?

- How can you develop the ambassadors of your company?

- Why and how can you create a strong link with your customer?

- How do public relations enable you to create a unique link with your customer?

You will have understood, a vast subject whose magnitude you may not have suspected.
Thanks to this white paper, information is sent to you in a simple, condensed and efficient manner; it’s up to you now to imagine the uses adapted to your strategic and sales and marketing objectives.

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